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The Canadian Society of Phlebology extends membership to physicians and allied health professionals with training in a variety of disciplines. The membership is designed to welcome providers from a variety of backgrounds and proficiency level.

CSP membership gives you the ability to interact with other phlebologists interested in working together to strengthen the field of phlebology.

As a CSP member, your exclusive benefits offer the advantages needed to provide the highest standard of care. To serve your continuing clinical education, practice management and patient needs.

Membership Categories

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Honorary Members

Fellow Members are recognized for their substantial commitment and contribution to the specialty of phlebology after they have completed the training requirements certifying competence in phlebology according to the Society’s standards.

In order to become a Fellow of the CSP, trainees must:

Be licensed to practice medicine, nursing or other medical professions andcomplete a phlebologycurriculum which includes medical, interventional and surgical aspects of phlebology.

The Curriculum comprises of medical, interventional and surgical aspects of phlebology.

  1. Medical: venous incompetence, thromboembolic disease, chronic venous disorders, and visual sclerotherapy.
  2. Interventional: guided-sclerotherapy, endovenous laser and radio-frequency ablations.
  3. Surgical: minimally invasive surgical procedures.


Part I A: Basic Ultrasound

Part I B: Advanced Ultrasound

Part II: Visual and Interventional Sclerotherapy

Part III: Endovenous Laser and Radio-Frequency Ablations and Surgical Techniques

Credits to different parts of the program are awarded at bi-annual meetings and courses.

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Honorary Members are awarded to physicians who have achieved a recognition for their significant contribution to the Society by advancing the field of Phlebology. This type of Membership is awarded by invitation only.

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